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Martin Donovan, the actor you may recognize from TV's Boss and Weeds or indie films like Saved!, The Opposite of Sex or Trust, is gearing up to make his directorial debut with Collaborator, in which he also stars as a New York playwright who thinks bad reviews are the worst thing that can happen… until he winds up caught in a hostage crisis. If that all sounds a little dramatic to you, then check out the exclusive trailer for the film that we're premiering below-- if you think a hostage crisis is all about high drama and tears, you clearly haven't seen a guy be forced to drink a beer at gunpoint with his captor. Take a look below.

You probably also recognize the hostage taker, David Morse, who has popped up in everything from Drive Angry to The Hurt Locker to Dancer in the Dark. And of course the two men are joined by Olivia Williams, of Rushmore and Hanna and plenty of other great things. Collaborator, coming from Tribeca Film, premieres on VOD on June 19, and in select theaters on July 6. Check out the full synopsis and poster below.

Robert Longfellow (Martin Donovan, THE OPPOSITE OF SEX, “Boss”, Weeds”) is a famous playwright who can’t seem to catch a break. His recent Broadway play was met with horrible reviews and an early cancellation, and his marriage is being tested as an old flame (Olivia Williams, THE GHOST WRITER, RUSHMORE) has reentered his life during a particular moment of weakness. Retreating back to his childhood home to visit his mother (Katherine Helmond, BRAZIL), Robert crosses paths with his childhood neighbor, Gus (David Morse, THE GREEN MILE, DANCER IN THE DARK, “Treme”). A right-wing, ex-con who still lives at home with his mother, Gus is Robert’s polar opposite in every possible way. When Gus holds Robert hostage at gunpoint during a drunken reunion gone terribly wrong, the drama unfolds as social status, celebrity and the imminent threat of violence converge, building up to a climax that will leave both men forever changed.

With an acclaimed acting career spanning over 20 years, including starring roles in a number of iconic Hal Hartley films beginning with TRUST in 1990, COLLABORATOR marks Martin Donovan’s first time behind the camera as a writer and director, and he makes the most of it in this riveting and insightful debut.

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