It's safe to say that most people are upset that Paramount won't shell out the few extra bucks necessary to get Will Ferrell and Adam McKay back on board for a new Anchorman adventure with now classic character Ron Burgundy. But one angry fan, industry insider, or nameless troublemaker has taken their anger further and created a fake @ParamountFilms account on Twitter, which they're using to make some pretty hilarious claims. Here's a sampling:
Opening July 2 is a movie we @ Paramount are very proud of, The Last Airbender. See white kids pretending to be Asian in glorious fake 3-D!

We @ Paramount Are proud 2 say that we're sitting on loads of cash thanks to Iron Man 2. None of that cash will be going to make Anchorman 2

We have decided that if Will and Adam pay for Anchorman 2 out of their own pocket, we'll release it. The ball is in your court @ghostpanther

We @ Paramount are proud to announce that we have just green lit a reboot of 48 Hours starring @bowwow & @ZachEfron directed by Brett Ratner

To all who are upset about about us not green lighting Anchorman 2, we at Paramount say screw you! We have more reboots to fund instead!!

The worst part may be that someone in a position of power will think that a Bow Wow/Zac Efron reboot of 48 Hours is a good idea and get wheels on it before even considering the metric shit tons of money Anchorman 2 would garner. There's a very funny person out there who's really bitter about this sequel not getting put together, here's hoping we find out who it is soon enough.

Thanks to Deadline for putting their finger on this.

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