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A New Fantastic Four Trailer Is Online, And It's Amazing

"They just cracked interdimensional travel." That’s the voice of Dr. Franklin Storm (Reg E. Cathey) explaining the contributions of a young Reed Richards (Miles Teller) to his scientific experiments. It’s also the main catalyst to the new trailer for Josh Trank’s The Fantastic Four, which just dropped online. Give it a spin!

This is the trailer we’ve been waiting for. We finally got a LOT more content than in previous films, with this new clip finally showing more of the traditional Fantastic Four in action. Instead of a spaceship voyage, the members of the team – including Victor Domashev, the man who will become Doom – embark on a mission into The N Zone, which is where they are infected (?) with their new powers. From what we can tell, Reed Richards (Miles Teller), the man who figures a way to send them on this mission, is the one who’s crippled with guilt and now wants to "cure" his friends. Of course, one man will stand in his way.

Oh, hai Doom!


This trailer also does a much better job of setting up everyone’s roles in the upcoming Fantastic Four reboot. Dr. Storm (Cathey) has been pouring government money into an experiment, and failing. (It’s worth noting that Tim Blake Nelson is the one chastising Storm for his failures, and rumor’s swirled that Nelson might one day play Mole Man in this franchise, so this could hint at his motives.) Storm brings the brilliant Reed Richards in to further his work, and Reed is the one who successfully gets the team to cross between dimensions.

Once they are back, we start to see their powers manifest. Reed can stretch (and we finally see that happen). Johnny (Michael B. Jordan) covers his body in flames. Sue (Mara) can turn invisible, and project a force field. And Reed’s best friend, Ben Grimm (Jamie Bell), emerges as the rock-coated Thing.

The Thing

This will be the start of a new franchise, and a sequel already has been announced. First, audiences have to support this new Fantastic Four. It opens in theaters on Aug. 7.

Sean O'Connell
Sean O'Connell

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