Favreau And Vaughn Swing Into Four Christmases

When I hear someone’s making a movie called Four Christmases, my brain automatically dismisses it as some low-budget, quickly vanished, Queen Latifah affair with a cultural lifespan equivalent to the adult careers of the Olsen twins. Oh wait, that’s The Perfect Christmaser… I mean This Holiday… er… or whatever the generic Christmas movie was that tanked this past weekend. The title makes it sound like one of those, but one look at the cast list and you’ll know it isn’t.

Already attached to star in the film are Robert Duvall, Vince Vaughn, Reese Witherspoon, Sissy Spacek, Mary Steenburgeon. Now according to HR you can add actor turned director Jon Favreau, along with country singers turned actors Tim McGraw and Dwight Yoakam to that list.

The movie stars Vaughn and Witherspoon as a couple spending Christmas visiting four different sets of parents. I assume that means a lot of step-parents and little red-headed step children mixed in there. Favreau and McGraw will play Vince Vaughn’s bullying brothers Dallas and Denver while Yoakam plays an overzealous pastor who convinces Witherspoon and Vaughn to participate in his chaotic nativity play.

Ok, let’s face it. Four Christmases may have an awesome cast, but it sounds every bit as awful as the aforementioned Queen Latifah movie. But the cool thing here is that this means another reunion of former Swingers partners Vaughn and Favreau, which is so money. I don’t care how much the movie sucks, I’ll happily buy a ticket to see those two back together on camera. They were last seen together in The Break Up, which is way better than it gets credit for. Seriously, check it out if you like downbeat, realistic relationship movies instead of all that fairytale romance crap Hollywood usually buries us with.

Josh Tyler