Good day, hounds of all things hellish. Is everybody having fun for Star Wars day? The way I like to do it is roasting a Jar Jar over a sarlacc pit, and serving it up with some Boba Fett-a cheese and herb dip.

Enough filler and more horror! First of the bite-sized kind: Rob Letterman’s feature take on R.L. Stine’s Goosebumps now has Timothy Simons (Veep), Amanda Lund (Ghost Ghirls) and Halston Sage (Neighbors) joining Jack Black in the cast. Universal’s adaptation of Jo Nesbo’s dark crime novel The Snowman took a hit recently when Martin Scorsese dropped out, but Let the Right One In director Tomas Alfredson will make this a presumably gloomy follow-up to the superb Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy. And this isn’t exactly news, but Dread Central is currently taking submissions for a horror anthology called Zombieworld, which is free to enter for any budding gore-minded filmmakers.

And now for sequels, remakes and trailers, just like every other week in the wonderful world of horror.

michael myers
Michael Myers’s Next Halloween Adventure is Coming
It’s been five years since Rob Zombie underwhelmed the majority of audiences with his second trip into the world of Michael Myers with Halloween 2, and The Weinstein Company apparently feels enough time has passed before moving forward with the next installment in the franchise, Halloween 3D. BloodyDisgusting first revealed the news (that was later confirmed) that the studio is developing a new film with a new script. But which franchise will it belong to?

While that part of the puzzle is still missing, it doesn’t look like anyone wants to continue with Zombie’s storyline. (Except for Scout Taylor-Compton, whose recent Tweet sparked rumors that she would return as survivor Laurie Strode.) The script for that canon’s third film was written by Todd Farmer and Patrick Lussier, but Farmer announced via Twitter that they were no longer involved in the scripting process. So it’s very possible TWC will go in an entirely new direction with Halloween 3D, and it’s equally possible that name won't be one you recognize. But will they go back to the already fragmented storyline of the original series, or will they scrap the whole shebang and bring Michael Myers back in an all new (and completely derivative) way? What would you guys rather see?

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