Good day, haberdashers of all things torso-less. Are you guys staying indoors this weekend, or are you daring to face the streets, where Frank Grillo and the paint-faced asshats from The Purge: Anarchy are on patrol? Of course, there’s always Planes: Fire and Rescue, which presumably has completely horrific scenes of talking cars on fire. That is, if they used my screenplay without telling me anything.

In smaller headline news, eOne has acquired the rights toCatch Fire (formerly Shreveport), a violent revenge thriller that will serve as lead actor Ryan Philippe’s directorial debut. Lionsgate’s paranormal thriller Jessabelle has a new pushed-back theatrical and VOD release date of November 7, just in time for Halloween candy sales. Platinum Dunes producer Brad Fuller told Bloody Disgusting that the next Friday the 13th isn’t necessarily going to be found footage or 3D, but it might be if they ever find a script that works. Finally, the geniuses at and Hacktivision came up with this faux NES trailer for video games based on the works of Italian horror master Lucio Fulci. Enjoy.

And now, a story that I never, ever, ever thought I’d be writing.

Poughkeepsie tapes
The Poughkeepsie Tapes is Finally Out!
Are you kidding me? The horror genre is full of quasi-urban legends and "what-if" projects, and those concepts both come together in John Erick Dowdle’s 2007 thriller The Poughkeepsie Tapes: a found footage-ish film that started life with an acclaimed Tribeca Film Festival debut and then quietly went nowhere. MGM acquired it, but never put it out in theaters, and no one ever stepped in to give it the inevitable halfass DVD or VOD release treatment. In the past seven years, The Poughkeepsie Tapes has amassed a large cult following, thanks to rampant downloading of the film on torrent sites, but at long grainy-video last, it has finally been officially released!

Oddly enough, it isn’t quite clear WHO released it, as it’s currently available on DirecTV’s VOD service; and an admittedly quick Google search didn’t lead me to any other sites hosting the film. (As a DirecTV subscriber, I’m pretty jazzed.) The film centers on a massive collection of videotapes found by NYPD detectives, detailing a serial killer’s decade-long murder spree. For my money, it’s better than both of the John and Drew Dowdle’s Quarantine and Devil, though their upcoming As Above, So Below looks extremely interesting. The Poughkeepsie Tapes may not live up to 7-year-long expectations, but it’s still an enjoyably creepy ride into the life of a maniac, and it’s actually out!

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