Good day, excavators of all things crypt-ridden. It’s something of an anomalous weekend for horror fans, as Mike Flanagan’s enjoyable mind-bender Oculus released wide, while Jim Jarmusch’s vampiric romance Only Lovers Left Alive received more limited distribution. Rarely do two such critically acclaimed genre films hit theaters at the same time. So let’s just take a moment to appreciate such things, while we absently wonder whether or not Only Lovers’ characters would be able to see themselves in Oculus’ mirror centerpiece.

Time for mini-news. A24 announced Jeff Baena’s Sundance hit Life After Beth – the zombie comedy starring Aubrey Plaza, Dane DeHaan and John C. Reilly – will hit theaters August 15. The Pact director Nicholas McCarthy’s supernatural follow-up Home was taken off the market by IFC Midnight. Finally, The World’s End star Nick Frost is planning on directing his own horror short later this year -- completely free from frequent collaborators Edgar Wright and Simon Pegg – based on a script he wrote. That makes me want to shoot a gun in the air and yell, "Ahhhh!"

And now…

the voices
Lose Your Head with The Voices’ New Stills
High-profile horror comedies are more prevalent now than ever, and Persepolis co-director Marjane Satrapi’s The Voices sounds like it could be one of the best, or at least the strangest. If nothing else, the most Ryan Reynolds-iest. In the image seen above, which is clearly a milk ad waiting to be realized, Reynolds is feeding something to the disembodied head of Gemma Arterton. Judging from the film’s Sundance reviews, that isn’t the only thing he does to her body parts. Yowzah!

Reynolds plays a mentally disturbed man named Jerry who has been avoiding his medication, which results in his cat insisting he become a serial killer, while his dog tries to talk him out of it. (Both are voiced by Reynolds.) He starts taking his medicine again, but it seems Jerry is already too far gone for it to matter, as you can tell by the picture below, via Empire. The Voices also stars Anna Kendrick and Ella Smith, who along with Arterton play coworkers who Jerry tries to woo, but I think we know how it will go for at least one of them. We’ll keep you posted on when this flick gets a cleavage knife. I mean, a release date. I can’t imagine why I made that mistake.

the voice

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