It's hard to be a movie fan and not be excited by the fact that we are just a few weeks away from the release of a brand new Danny Boyle film. The British filmmaker has been wowing audiences since the mid-90s, most notably with the cult classic Trainspotting, but in the last few years he has been on an absolute roll. From 28 Days Later to Millions to Slumdog Millionaire to 127 Hours, Boyle has spent the last decade genre jumping and impressing critics and audiences alike while earning endless accolades and even Best Picture and Best Director Academy Awards. So, naturally, excitement is on high for his version of a heist film: Trance.

As seen in the making-of featurette above, which comes to us courtesy of MSN Movies, the director has assembled a brilliant international cast for his latest effort, bringing together James McAvoy, Vincent Cassel and Rosario Dawson for a tale of art thieves with a splash of hypnosis. And to hear the cast and filmmakers talk about how excited they are to see the whole thing come together only makes us more eager to see what they have in store.

Based on a script by Joe Ahearne and John Hodge, the film centers on Simon (McAvoy), an art auctioneer who teams with a group of criminals looking to steal Francisco Goya's "Witches In The Air." But things get tricky when the job goes wrong, the painting goes missing, and Simon loses his short term memory. Looking to find a way into Simon's mind, the leader of the group, Franck (Cassel), suggests that the protagonist undergoes hypnotherapy with Dr. Elizabeth Lamb (Dawson) to try and recover the painting.

Trance hits theaters on April 5th.

Trance Poster

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