Funnymen Will Ferrell and Adam McKay are often looking for the next big thing, a new way to entertain audiences with their unique brand of comedy. Sometimes they throw their collective weight behind talented comedians like Kristen Wiig. Other times they test the waters for cult television properties like Manimal to see if they can be adapted into winning contemporary films. And now it sounds like they are bringing their Gary Sanchez production brand to animation, partnering with Bron Studios for an in-development project.

Will Ferrell, Adam McKay and Chris Henchy will serve as executive producers and creative collaborators on Henchmen, an animated feature set up at Bron Studios that's due out in 2016. Adam Wood is directing Henchmen, which currently is undergoing a rewrite by Saturday Night Live scribe Dennis McNicholas.

THR reports that the story of Henchmen "follows a new recruit at the ‘Union of Evil’ who is assigned to a motley crew of blue-collar workers led by fallen henchmen Hank." The movie will follow Hank’s journey from villain to hero, and sounds like it is going to try to put a fresh spin on the idea of a super-baddie.

You know, kind of like Will Ferrell’s intelligent animated comedy Megamind.

Henchmen actually has been in development for a while, to the extent that it has a teaser trailer to give you an idea of its look and tone. It has a DreamWorks Animation technique to it. Noisy, busy, with blockier-than-normal animation styles. You could imagine Will Ferrell voicing the janitor character bumbling through the below clip:

Still, that’s a lengthy tease, and there’s plenty of material there for Will Ferrell and Adam McKay to work with. Now that their Gary Sanchez label is branching off into animation, one wonders if this is the first step toward exploring more animated avenues for their popular characters. You’d tune in to a weekly Anchorman cartoon on Adult Swim, wouldn’t you? Or maybe that Step Brothers sequel plays out in animated form? Henchmen might be the beginning of some beautiful, creative collaborations.

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