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Will Ferrell Lives On His Lawn In The Everything Must Go Trailer

Everything Must Go is Will Ferrell’s return to indie movies, in which he plays a man who lives in his front yard. This is more the Will Ferrell who once worked with Woody Allen, than the guy who did all those sports comedies and ran away from slow-moving Sleestacks. Remember Stranger than Fiction? Yeah I liked that too.

The first trailer for Everything Must Go has arrived, and it’s a little bit precious, but it also feels more than a little bit true. Check out it below or in HD on Apple (opens in new tab).

About a year ago my wife and I sold almost everything we owned and moved from Texas to Washington state. At first it was scary and selling off my boxes of carefully collected DVDs, putting all the furniture we’d worked so hard to buy over the years out on the front yard, hurt. Then it as the number of things we owned started to dwindle, it felt good, it felt right, it was like having a huge weight lifted off your shoulders. I felt ten pounds lighter.

That moment when our house was finally empty and we packed whatever we had left in our little car was one of the most freeing moments of my life, and I now firmly believe that everyone should take all the junk out and simply unburden themselves by throwing it on the front lawn with a for sale sign, every ten years or so. I hope I have the balls to keep doing it, now and then, throughout my life.

That seems to be the feeling they’re trying to capture with Everything Must Go, and the trailer comes close to conveying it. There’s something good going on here. Watch for Everything Must Go to show up in theaters on May 13th.