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Will Ferrell Is Making a Comedic Ronald Reagan Movie, And It Sounds Awesome

It seems crazy that there haven't already been a dozen biopics about Ronald Reagan. He's one of the most beloved presidents in history and is the only one to have ever been a professional actor (you'd think Hollywood would eat that up), yet his story is still untold on the big screen. Well, that's about to change in just about the most expected way possible, because Will Ferrell is making a Ronald Reagan comedy.


The news comes from Variety who reports that Will Ferrell is attached to star in Reagan as the title character, President Ronald Reagan. According to the report, the film kicks off around the start of the ex-president’s second term when he he's suffering from dementia, and it's up to an ambitious intern to convince the commander in chief that "he is an actor playing the president in a movie.”


There’s no word yet on other castings or who will be directing the comedy, but the script comes from the Black List and was penned by Mike Rosolio. The Black List is a catalog of the best unproduced scripts and is a bit of a Hollywood go-to when it comes to looking for original stories. Films like Argo, Juno, Spotlight, and The King’s Speech are all from the Black List. Though not a guarantee of success by any means, it should give you an idea on the caliber of the screenplay.


This sounds like it could be a really funny, if a little dark, comedy. Will Ferrell has made some great comedies over the years, but he does to tend to play different variations of what is sometimes the same character (like his characters in The Other Guys and Daddy’s Home). It sounds like this could give the Saturday Night Live veteran a chance to stretch his legs and work on a role that’s funny but has some meat on it too. Reagan will more than likely be a controversial film in the future, but we’re definitely curious to see how it all turns out.


This isn’t Will Ferrell’s first time playing a United States President on screen. He famously played George W. Bush on Saturday Night Live in a number of sketches and it’s arguably his best impression from his time on the show. He even wrote and starred in a Broadway play about the former president in You’re Welcome America. Ferrell also played a Bush-like senator in the political comedy The Campaign, in which he starred opposite Zach Galifianakis.  

What do you think about Will Ferrell taking on Ronald Reagan? Is this something you'd be willing to see? Let us know in the comments below!

Matt Wood

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