Will Ferrell Promises To Stop Doing Sports Movies

It looks like Will Ferrell has finally gotten the message. The whole sports comedy thing is so over. Talking to USA Today (opens in new tab) at a charity golf tournament, Ferrell pledged, “I will no longer attempt to do any sports movie, anymore. Any sports.”

“Yeah, I'm retired from sports-genre films. You know, I think I filled my quota," Ferrell said. Will hasn’t really done as many sports-genre comedies as you might think though. He’s currently up to a total of four. It’s just that he did all four in less than three years. Of those four only two, Talladega Nights and Blades of Glory, ever made much of a mark. Kicking & Screaming and Semi-Pro came and went from theaters with barely a whisper.

After the flop of Semi-Pro earlier this year, it makes sense that Ferrell would be ready to call it quits. Did you see Step Brothers? Hilarious, and sports free. More of that Will, please.

Josh Tyler