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You may have already read it. Or maybe you've just heard about it. Word of mouth brought it to my attention, and then it seemed to be everywhere, including the NY Times Best Sellers list. Fifty Shades of Grey has women's attention and I soon discovered why, as I found myself immersed in the page-turner about a college grad who falls for a young, wealthy business tycoon, whom she soon discovers, has certain extreme interests with regards to his bedroom preferences. Twilight, this story is not (though there is a loose connection.)

Always on the lookout for books I think could make good movies, I wondered if E.L. James’ novel could be adapted to a film that people could sit through without feeling as though they were watching an adult movie. We may find out. According to Deadline, author E.L. James and her literary agent Valerie Hoskins have been in meetings with studio heads, production companies and producers about the screen rights to Fifty Shades of Grey. Per Deadline, “a number of producers will court James and Hoskins, hoping to be attached at one of the studios that will be bidding on the novel, the first of a trilogy.” Bidding should take place this Friday. Their sources say “this will be the biggest book rights auction in a long time.”

As Deadline notes, some people have dismissed the novel (and likely the two that follow) as “mommy porn.” The book definitely ventures into naughty territory, getting into specifics on the sexual exploits of young Anastasia Steele and the dreamy, powerful, Christian Grey. But a story does begin to develop as both characters get to know one another. The question is, how will it translate to the big screen and will women flock to see it?

We’ll have have to wait and see. In the meantime, to those who have read it, who do you picture playing Anastasia and Christian? ?

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