As it's been an ongoing topic on daytime television, an international bestseller, and a controversial conversation pieces for several months, it seems impossible you haven't heard about E.L. James salacious novel Fifty Shades of Grey. What began as Twilight fan fiction has evolved into a trilogy about the BSDM-infused romance between a mousy college co-ed called Anastasia Steele and a steely young industrialist named Christian Grey that took the world by storm. Despite mixed reviews, the book series has gone on to break Harry Potter's record for the fastest-selling paperback of all-time, selling nearly 20 million copies worldwide and sparking a brutal bidding war in Hollywood over the books' movie rights.

That battle was eventually won by Universal, which secured rights to the entire trilogy, including Fifty Shades Darker and the recently released Fifty Shades Freed. Now Deadline reports the studio has lined up Mike DeLuca and Dana Brunetti of Trigger Street Productions to produce the film alongside the author. Having co-produced another much-eyed adaptation, David Fincher's Oscar-winning The Social Network, DeLuca and Brunetti bring a lot of prestige to the table of this translation of a book detractors have dubbed "smut" and "Mommy porn" because of its explicit sex scenes. But as Universal has lined up Focus Features to market and distribute the film, movie fans should expect something more artful than either of these labels would suggest.

Having officially signed on, the next order of business for DeLuca and Brunetti is to find a fitting a screenwriter, and a director. Recently rumors arose that Universal is hoping Angelina Jolie, who made her narrative directorial debut last winter with challenging romance In the Land of Blood and Honey, will helm, but Jolie's reps insist there have been no communication on the matter between star and the studio. At this point it seems like Universal is floating the idea like kids with crushes do in grade school, 'Tell your friend that my friend thinks she's cool.' Hopefully with two heavy-hitting producers on board now, this one-sided flirtation will become an offer and be settled one way or the other in short order.

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