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Angry Birds is the type of video game that seems like an odd choice for adaptation into a big time theatrical film. Unlike a game like World of Warcraft, where there are lots of story possibilities for a movie, Angry Birds is basically just about firing different birds out of a slingshot to take down mean green piggies. But, the game was almost immediately extremely popular, meaning that The Angry Birds Movie has been a long time coming. On May 20, we’ll finally get a chance to see everyone’s favorite mobile game as a big screen treat and the film has just released the final trailer, so you can take a look below to see what’s in store.
Well, things start out tough for Red, don’t they? His job as, a singing telegram guy, I guess, is clearly not going well. When your birthday song elicits screaming and crying it’s not a good day for you. We find out pretty early that Red has been misunderstood, and even disliked, for most of his life. I mean, really, who makes fun of a kid’s strong eyebrows? Oh, right, other kids. Anyway, Red’s outsider-ness has led to a serious anger issue. Did you see Red kick that little kid like a field goal? His level of anger is not playing. Even he seemed shocked when he slapped the doody out of that doctor.

Red’s anger and general cynical nature are about to come in handy, though, as a whole boat load of weird green pigs show up on this tranquil island filled with nothing but flightless birds, and convince everyone else that they’re perfectly harmless. He tries to voice his opinion that the pigs are just odd and seem untrustworthy, but, because it’s him, no one wants to listen. He actually appears to be the first bird launched from a pig devised slingshot.

It’s not long before the pigs steal what’s probably every egg on the island, and head back to Piggy Island, that everyone realizes that angry Red was right. And, this is when the rest of the bird population asks Red for help, and he has to mobilize the island against the pigs so they can all get their eggs back before…well, before whatever the pigs are going to do to the eggs happens. The rest of the trailer features a bird-based, action-packed training montage and everyone figuring out what their special talent is, including shooting butt fire balls and growing to, I don’t know, maybe 500 times their natural size.

The Angry Birds Movie certainly looks like hilarious PG fun for the whole family. We’ll keep you up to date on any news regarding the film as it become available!

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