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They've ditched the ridiculous title 5nal Destination-- which looked so much like "anal destination" that my computer spellcheck keeps trying to correct it-- but the fifth installment in the Final Destination franchise still coming this summer, wrapping up the season when it comes out on August 12. Hey, if Fast Five managed to be the best film in its franchise, why couldn't Final Destination 5 pull off the same thing? See for yourself if it has what it takes in the first trailer, which popped up online today and you can also watch embedded below.

By now the formula is so familiar it's almost comforting-- a group of attractive kids escape a horrific accident (this time a bridge collapse) and then are targeted by Death in ridiculous ways-- but there are some genuine scares in here, if only because going to the eye doctor just to get the glaucoma test always skeeves me out. The cast of victims this time includes Pinkberry: The Movie actor Miles Fisher and Frozen star Emma Bell, but I'd warn you not to get too attached to them, since their odds of making it through to the end are, as we know, pretty slim.

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