All the cards for Marc Webb’s The Amazing Spider-Man 2 officially are on the table. If you have been paying close attention to every piece of footage that has been shared regarding this summer’s sequel, there’s a very good chance that you have watched the film in its entirety. "Secrets have a cost," Sally Field’s Aunt May warns Peter Parker (Andrew Garfield) as he tries to connect the dotted lines between OsCorp and his deceased parents. So why have any secrets? Let’s put everything out there, especially in this final, action-soaked trailer that just arrived courtesy of Spidey’s official Facebook page.

OK, let’s run down all of the amazing stuff (pun intended) that Webb tipped his hand to in this last tease. We can confirm that Harry Osborn (Dane DeHaan) hasn’t seen his childhood friend, Peter, in 10 years. The "Web design" line is pretty damn funny. We continue to learn that OsCorp is at the center of this grand conspiracy targeting Peter, as he has been "observed" by the evil corporation basically since his childhood. Spidey even makes one of those neat, visual charts on his wall to show that all of his problems can trace back to Norman Osborn’s company.

Ah, Norman. He actually shows up in a new TV spot for Webb’s movie, this one hinting at a "Sinister" new era in Spider-Man’s new cinematic history getting underway. Sinister. Get it?

Back to the full trailer, because there is plenty more to discuss. Richard Parker (Campbell Scott) reveals that OsCorp was going to use his genetic research to "change the world," as Harry states. We get visual confirmation that a souped up Electro (Jamie Foxx) will collaborate with Harry, who is going to go all Goblin. We see extended scenes of Spider-Man fighting the mech-Rhino – who has machine guns sticking out of his suit! We get much better looks at Harry’s Goblin suit and glider. We see more shots of Peter and Harry’s fight. And if you look closely in the "Sinister" TV spot, you can see Harry dropping Gwen from a very high height. Trouble?

Of course, maybe you don’t want to put all of these pieces together. Maybe you just want to enjoy the movie, for the first time, on May 2. We envy you.

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