Find Out What Happened After Tron: Legacy Ended In This 10-Minute Video

When Tron: Legacy ended it left a lot of things unsolved. Sam left the computer world with Quorra and rode off into the sunset, presumably to take over Encom and set things right. Beyond the movie, the whole “Flynn Lives” viral campaign built up around the movie never really got a resolution either. Who was behind it? What was it all about? The answers are on the new Tron: Legacy Blu-ray hitting stores April 5th and, incidentally they’ve just popped up online as well.

Embedded below you’ll find a new short film titled Tron: The Next Day. It explains not only the whole viral campaign, but tells you what happened the next day, after Sam Flynn returned to the real world. Be patient, you’ll have to get through around 7 minutes of viral news footage to get to the good stuff, but it’s worth the effort.t Watch and we’ll talk more afterward.

So the man behind “Flynn Lives” was none other than Ram. For those not familiar with the original 1982 film, Ram helped Tron and Flynn defeat the Master Control Program inside the computer world. Ram died in the process, but his real life counterpart lived on in the real world. You don’t actually see much of Ram’s real-world programmer in Tron, except in a brief glimpse in Encom’s offices when he talks to Allen Bradley (aka Tron) and seems chiefly concerned with popcorn. Yeah, that explains the popcorn reference at the end.

Allen funded everything and the story ends with Sam ascending to his rightful place on the Encom board. Pretty much as expected. What’s next for the sequel? I want to know what they’re going to do with Quorra, but hopefully it will involve significantly less corporate maneuvering than this video.

Josh Tyler