The weird thing about 28 Weeks Later is that even though people seem pretty excited about it, almost none of them are the same people who got so excited about the original film on which it’s based, 28 Days Later. That’s probably because the original movie was a smart, taut thriller directed by a talented filmmaker, and so most of the movie’s fans were similarly savvy filmgoers. By contrast, the second movie is being shoved out by Fox Atomic, a studio label best known for garbage theater programming directed at teenagers, and almost no one who was involved with the first movie has anything to do with this one. Those same savvy filmgoers who loved the first one know what all that adds up to: It adds up to The Hills Have Eyes 2. Teenagers are going to love it. The 28 franchise is screwed but somebody is gonna get rich

So, now here’s the first trailer for Fox Atomic’s future big moneymaker. It may be a crappy cash-in movie, but they’ve certainly spared no expense. It’s very glossy. I just can’t possibly see this premise working again, not without any of the original people involved. Maybe you think differently. Watch the trailer here.

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