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Previous Avatar trailers have elicited baffingly mixed responses, but this new two-and-a-half minute clip posted at IGN shows us exactly what we needed to see-- a congruent action sequence with a lot of time for us to get a really good look at the movement of the Na’vi. And predictably, there’s more jumping off of really high cliffs.

Up until now all we’ve seen are two minutes of epilepsy-inducing trailer footage cut so fast you can barely tell one blue streak from the next. While this scene is still nothing but action, you get a really good look at Sam Worthington’s avatar battling (read: running the hell away from) a really pissed off Thanador, which sounds strikingly like a Jurassic Park T-Rex. Not only does the movement as a whole look great, but the finer motions, like that of the mouths, really get showcased here in a positive manner. Sure some shots you’ll say, “Ok that’s CG,” but many of them will fool you into thinking there’s an actor there in really epic make up, which I assure you there is not.

This ought to be enough to inject a little confidence into anyone whose only argument against the movie is that they “look like Smurfs” or “it might as well be a Pixar movie.” This proves that their look works and the motion capture is stellar. I have a few doubts of my own, but James Cameron can direct the hell out of an action movie, so really how bad could it be?

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