First Look At Colin Farrell, Sam Rockwell And More In Seven Psychopaths

Martin McDonagh's directorial debut In Bruges made a very, very small box office impact when it was released in 2008, but it was well-loved enough to earn Colin Farrell a Best Actor Golden Globe nearly a year later, and has only become more popular as more people have been able to discover the whip-smart comedy. So it seems safe to assume that many, many more people will be looking forward to Seven Psychopaths, the follow-up feature from McDonagh that reunites him with Farrell and two actors who have acted in his stage shows, Christopher Walken and Sam Rockwell. Woody Harrelson is also getting in on the action, and in the first-look images from the film posted at Entertainment Weekly, we see exactly what all the shenanigans revolve around: a shih tzu named Bonny. You can see her, Farrell and Rockwell all in the image below.

Farrell is the central character of the film, a screenwriter working on a script called Seven Psychopaths-- it's no coincidence that he, like the writer-director, is also named Martin-- and trying to find the personalities to flesh out the story. That becomes less of a problem when he gets wrapped up in Rockwell's scheme to kidnap the dogs belonging to rich people and then return them for the reward money. As McDonagh admits, "It's kind of a cruel thing to do," but Rockwell and his professional dognapper, played by Walken, do it humanely: "They take care of the dogs, and give them back promptly, and they don’t charge a lot.”

As you can see in the next picture, the scheme turns sour for everybody when they kidnap Bonny, who belongs to Woody Harrelson's gangster character Charlie-- a harsh, violent man who is still very, very attached to his pup. Presumably Farrell's character isn't entirely responsible for the dognapping, but he still gets punished for it in the picture below.

Rounding out the cast are many more varied talents, including Precious breakout Gabourey Sidibe, former Bond girl Olga Kurylenko, Abbie Cornish and Tom Waits, who plays "a rabbit-petting weirdo who offers up strange stories from his past for the Seven Psychopaths screenplay." You can see more images from the film and read more details about it at EW, and if the movie doesn't ratchet up to the top of your "must-see" list after that, I'm not sure how to help you. CBS Films is releasing the film later this year, though, so you've got some time to properly ramp up those expectations.

Katey Rich

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend