First Look At Owen Wilson, Jack Black And Steve Martin In The Big Year

Owen Wilson, Steve Martin and Jack Black are the kind of actors who, at their best, you think could be funny doing pretty much anything. Will that apply to birdwatching though? The three funnymen really are about to star in a birdwatching comedy called The Big Year, which is set to hit theaters on October 14, a comedy option for those of you who aren't into the dancing small-town teenagers (Footloose) or ice-bound monsters (The Thing) also opening in theaters that weekend. We've yet to get a look at the trailer for The Big Year to gauge how funny it might be, but Fox has released the first image, which has Wilson, Martin and Black wearing some very serious hats. Take a look below and click for the high-res version:

It's not so much the hats that make this photo goofy as it is the pants, specifically the bright green ones worn by Owen Wilson. Do those somehow help with birdwatching? If these three and their outdoor gear aren't enough to get you excited about The Big Year, they've got a serious supporting cast backing them up, from The Big Bang Theory's Jim Parson to Community's Joel McHale to Parks & Recreation's Rashida Jones to Anjelica Huston, who is not on television but is a movie legend instead. The whole thing is directed by David Frankel, who last made Marley & Me with, you guessed it, Owen Wilson. They won't be working with adorable lab puppies this time around, but hey, exotic birds are just as good, right? Um, right?

Katey Rich

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend