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The first ever trailer for Resident Evil: Afterlife has arrived and here’s the really interesting thing about it: This trailer contains almost no zombies. Though this is a franchise built on zombie-killing, aside from a completely momentary shot of Alice running away from a horde, you won’t see any sign of the lurching undead. I’m on board.

The thing is, zombies have been done to death. This is the fourth entry in this franchise and by now, we’ve all had enough of watching Milla Jovovich shoot re-animated corpses in the head. But this trailer seems slick, interesting and fresh. It also spends a lot of time touting the quality and scope of it’s 3D technology, a good move on a weekend where audiences around the world are seeing 3D at its absolute worst in Clash of the Titans. Resident Evil: Afterlife’s trailer wants you to know that this movie’s 3D will not suck.

Watch the first trailer for Resident Evil: Afterlife below:

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