First Skyline Poster: Those Shapes You See Aren't Debris, They're People

The secret about Skyline is that the vast majority of it was filmed in an apartment building, Paranormal Activity style, as a group of friends try to survive a mass alien abduction in Los Angeles. But because the film is directed by Colin and Greg Strause, who own the special effects house Hydraulx, there's also some decent CGI in there too, and that's been trumpeted heavily in the marketing campaign, because why not? We got a good look at the alien ships in the film's teaser trailer, and now they're on display again in the first poster, which debuted today at Shock Til Ya Drop.

Click on the smaller version below for a look at the whole thing. It's a pretty striking image, especially since we learned from the trailer that all those things floating beneath the spaceships aren't just debris, but people being abducted. Skyline hits theaters November 12, and is trying very hard to be this year's Paranormal Activity, a low-budget surprise hit. The marketing looks good, but given that the last film directed by the Strause brothers was Aliens vs. Predator: Requiem, you might want to keep your skepticism for a little longer.

Katey Rich

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend