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What appears to be the first trailer for the live action Tekken movie has shown up online. For the uninitiated, Tekken is based on the popular videogame franchise of the same name in which I am, to date, absolutely undefeated when playing as Eddy Gordo. I kick ass with wicked dance moves.

Here’s what’s good: The trailer contains lots of fighting. Is the movie good? Maybe not, but at least you know the film will have people punching other people in the head and, if you’re a Tekken fan, isn’t that all you really want? The unbearable Street Fighter movie released last year was unable to offer even that much. At worst, Tekken already has that beat. Watch the trailer:

Though it does not yet have an official release date, Tekken is slated for domestic release some time in 2010. It’s directed by Dwight Little who, previously, had his hand in helming a couple episodes of Dollhouse and a bevy of other action-oriented television shows like 24.

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