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With the fourth installment of the Mission: Impossible franchise set to hit theaters in all of its glory next month, Paramount is building up to the film’s release with a Facebook promotion that offers users the opportunity to rent the first three movies.

Deadline posted Paramount’s press release, which states that in addition to launching their new social spy game, simply titled, Mission: Impossible The Game on the film’s Facebook Page, fans of the films can also rent the the first three movies right through the Facebook page.

The cost to rent each of the three movies available is $3.00 or 30 Facebook Credits, however those who play the game may be among the first 200 players to find a hidden Easter Egg within the game that will offer a code to rent one of the movies. The promotion itself isn’t anything particularly exciting, however it does offer fans of the movies an affordable and easy way to watch the films, which could come in handy later this week, for those who are looking for an action-packed escape from all of the Thanksgiving festivities. And it should get fans back into the mood for Mission: Impossible a month before Ghost Protocol makes its way into theaters.

Mission: Impossible Ghost Protocol hits theaters December 21st. More on the film can be found in the Blend Film Database.

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