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You're going to have no idea what's going on in the trailer for Jackie Chan's next film 1911-- well, not unless you speak Chinese, I suppose. But you probably are still curious to see the trailer for the movie that's being billed as Jackie Chan's 100th film, a historical epic about the founding of modern China that's being released this fall to coincide with the 100th anniversary of the uprising that led to the founding of the Republic of China. Yes, the title 1911 refers to a year. See, there's so much to learn even though we don't speak Chinese.

Check out the trailer below, which appeared online today:

Look for 1911 at lot sooner than you might expect for a Chinese production-- The Hollywood Reporter wrote back in February that the U.S. distributor, Well Go USA, is planning a day-and-date release with the film's Chinese distribution, to capitalize on the Asian cinema fans who might otherwise be so anxious to see it they'd find a way to download it illegally.

The movie may not become as big a hit in the United States as, say, Chan's last film The Karate Kid, but if you were a fan of John Woo's recent historical epic Red Cliff-- the cinematographer for that film, Zhang Li, co-directed 1911 with Chan-- this will probably be worth checking out. If nothing else, it's Jackie Chan's 100th film! You've got to respect the man at least a little for that kind of longevity.