New Footage Revealed In Iron Man 3 TV Spot

A whole lot of things are going to get blown up in Iron Man 3, but unlike in most action movies, it's not just going to be a whole lot of anonymous bystanders and office buildings. OK, plenty of those will probably get it too-- this is a movie about a super villain trying to destroy America, after all-- but one pivotal, much-hyped scene brings the destruction home to Tony Stark's cliffside Malibu condo-- and his amazing TCL television!

OK, the exploding television hasn't been your focus, but you might have noticed a few more screens than usual in the new 30-second spot above, since this spot is sponsored by TV manufacturer TCL. Product placement deals in movies are a dime a dozen, and we've even grown accustomed to ads that heavily feature a movie's character enjoying a specific product (hello, James Bond and Heineken), but this is a weird mix of product placement and an honest-to-God trailer, without any of the usual advertising lingo that tips you off to this being more of an ad for the product than the movie.

Still, there's some interesting new footage included among all those shots of TV screens, though it might be telling that the one shot that's caught my attention the most is Don Cheadle's Rhodey in that tight green polo. A polo shirt? In 2013? Really?

If you want a slightly more detailed look at the movie, and somehow haven't caught it yet, the trailer that dropped two weeks ago features some spectacular new looks at the film, and for the first time sets up Iron Man 3 as not just a chance to catch up with Tony Stark again, but as an action event all its own. You can click here for lots more on the movie, or just wait patiently for it to arrive in theaters on May 3.

Katey Rich

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend