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It would be fair to say that no one could ever replace Chris Penn in anything, however watching this clip from the Footloose remake, I have to admit, new-Willard made me laugh.

Chris Penn's character had some of the best scenes in the original Footloose. A sidekick by nature, he was opinionated, he couldn’t dance, and he didn’t know who Men at Work were, but he was honest and proved to be a loyal friend. Miles Teller has some big shoes to fill if his Willard is going to live up to the original. Watching this clip gives me hope that we’ll have reasons to laugh during new-Footloose, just as we did during the original.

Check out the clip posted below in which shows Ren (Kenny Wormald) learns that there’s no dancing allowed. To see it in HD, head over to Yahoo!

Footloose premieres in theaters on October 14th. More on the film here.