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Frank Darabont Stops Abiding The Law

It was just last week that we first reported on Law Abiding Citizen, a movie written by Frank Darabont that is set to star Jamie Foxx as a man who gets his revenge on the men who killed his wife and daughter. Now Ain't It Cool has it from Darabont himself that he's not involved in the project at all, and apparently bad blood is to blame.

Their scooper Elston Gunn wrote in to say that Darabont is out of the project-- "And I mean really out. It apparently ended ugly." Some explanation may come from CHUD, which pointed out the discrepancy between the plots of the movie that was announced last week and an earlier version. They say the original trade write-ups described the movie as being about "a criminal mastermind who controls a city from the confines of his prison cell." But last week, Foxx's character was described as a grieving father who, yes, is a murderer, but is only killing those who deserve it.

So is Darabont, who has been known for sticking to his guns in the past, ditching a project that veered away from his original idea and went for sentimentality instead? It'll be interesting if someone tracks down an original version of Darabont's script and can compare it to the finished product. It'll be like Darabont's Indiana Jones script, part two!

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend