Though there are a lot of new films out in American theaters this weekend, it's hard to deny that the real box office story is happening overseas. The Avengers, open in many different territories across the world but not coming to the U.S. until May 4, has now made $73.1 million in its first three days of release-- and that's without even being open in huge markets like Russia, China and Japan. Meanwhile, Stateside, the biggest new release The Five-Year Engagement is likely to come in behind both last week's champ Think Like A Man and second-place finisher, The Lucky One.

According to the numbers at Deadline, Five-Year Engagement made just $3.5 million on Friday, which puts it on pace for a $10.5 million weekend-- a fraction of what other R-rated Jason Segel starrers like Forgetting Sarah Marshall ($17.7 million) and I Love You, Man ($17.8 million) opened to. Think Like A Man easily dominated it, with $5.5 million for the weekend and an estimated $17.5 million for the weekend, and The Lucky One just snuck ahead of it with $3.9 million.

The weekend's new animated release, Pirates! Band of Misfits, will likely come in right behind Engagement and right ahead of holdover behemoth The Hunger Games, having made $2.7 million on Friday and on pace for a decent $10.9 million weekend. And two more of the new releases fared even poorer-- both Safe and The Raven around $2.5 million on Friday, and they'll duke it out for sixth and seventh place, which is probably not how Jason Statham and John Cusack imagined this going.

This is all pretty bad news for generally likable actors Jason Segel and Emily Blunt, but hey, great news about The Avengers, right? For more on the details of that movie's international box office you can go here; in the meantime, let us know what you're seeing this weekend.

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