Frozen Clip Invites You To A Big Summer Blowout

Disney’s Frozen came out this week, looking to reclaim some or all of the studio's former glory whose product stands up to the timeless name. The marketers just released the above clip to further entice audiences to put on their heavy coats and go and watch a princess save a kingdom. Complete counterprogramming to the box office juggernaut The Hunger Games: Catching Fire, right?

Everyone here at Cinema Blend who has seen Frozen gave it high marks, see Katey's review – but I still haven’t seen it. And it’ll probably be a while for me, since I’ve always been a curmudgeon where most Disney movies are concerned. But I’d never call one of their classic films "stupid," as I would have some of the releases they put out during their rough patches. And I found myself thinking of Frozen in that lackluster group, because the previews do nothing for me.

But I’m always willing to shut my mouth in order to be proven wrong. It happens, and I generally want to like all movies that I watch. The above clip is silly and broad enough, but it isn’t very memorable. I could have done with a really catchy hook of a song or a doozy of a joke. Instead, the realistic behavior Anna (Kristen Bell) exhibits clashes with the oversized goon (Chris Williams) and his goofy voice. Sure, the joke that there’s a summer sale going on is funny, but it’s just so average.

I trust my CB brothers and sisters, however, and I’m ready to believe Sean when he says Disney has overtaken Pixar. Wreck-It Ralph came out of nowhere and made me a fanboy, so why shouldn’t the tried-and-true formula of strong females and wacky sidekicks (in this case Josh Gad ‘s snowman Olaf) work once more? Do I sound like I’m trying to start a revolution yet, or is that just inside my own head?

Let us know in the comments what you guys thought about it, and feel free to tell me I’ve got an icicle stuck where the sun doesn’t shine. (Which means it never melts) Maybe this trailer will make you want to get up from the Thanksgiving dinner table and head to the theater.

And here's a French poster for the film that I happen to like a lot.

frozen poster

Nick Venable
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