Frozen Gets The Unnecessary Censorship Treatment With Funny Results

When the Walt Disney Company was founded in the early 20th century the goal was to create all forms of entertainment that could engross children of all ages. As a result of this, Disney films are almost entirely lacking in any real adult language or situations, violence, or sex (minus the occasional references slipped in by the animators). Because of the movies' wholesomeness, it's often humorous to tweak the works of the studio slightly to make them seem like they're more oriented for adults... which is where this new video comes in.

Inspired by the Jimmy Kimmel Live! segment known as "This Week in Unnecessary Censorship," YouTube user TheJakeValeShow has edited together a funny little video that takes various scenes from the recently released Disney movie Frozen and just by introducing a couple of bleeps into the mix makes the movie look a lot more filthy than it actually is. It starts in a pretty crude place, with young Anna singing to her sister Elsa through a door and asking if she wants to "%^(& a snowman," but only gets more bizarre as adult Anna (Kristen Bell) discovers "Wandering Oaken's *^&$^&! Post and Sauna" and Kai complains to Sven about not wanting to %^&* ever again.

Is it kind of a cheap joke? Sure, but it's hard to argue with the funny results. It even works when the beeps are just spread around whatever is on TV, as Jimmy Kimmel has shown us:

Frozen has continued to be an absolutely monster hit at the box office since it came out in late November and this past weekend it was still hanging around in the box office top five. To date it's made an estimated $763 million worldwide, making it one of the biggest hits in animation history. While it's doubtful that we will ever get to see a Frozen 2, as Rescuers Down Under remains Walt Disney Animation Studios' only theatrically released sequel, fans will be able to see the story live on in live-action, as the studio is planning on turning the film into a stage play. With the film is considered by many to be a favorite for the Best Animated Feature category at this year's Academy Awards, so stay tuned for more good news on the Frozen front.

Eric Eisenberg
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