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Gael Garcia Bernal And Diego Luna Join The Cast Of Will Ferrell's Spanish Comedy

One of the strangest stories to pop up this summer was the announcement that Will Ferrell's next film, Casa de mi padre, will be entirely in Spanish. Why is this strange? Because not only is it well documented that American audiences have an aversion to anything in a foreign language, but it's unknown if Ferrell even speaks the language. Fortunately, not only do we know that the two newest cast additions are fluent, but they add quite a bit of gravitas.

THR reports that Gael Garcia Bernal and Diego Luna, who previously worked together on the Oscar-nominated Y tu mama tambien, have joined the cast. Though the details of the plot are being kept under wraps, Luna will play Ferrell's brother while Garcia Bernal will play a family friend. The article also says that Genesis Rodriguez, Pedro Armendariz Jr., Hector Jimenez and Adrian Martinez have also joined the cast, Martinez as Ferrell's love interest. Directed by Funny or Die veteran and former Saturday Night Live writer, Matt Piedmont, the film will be made in "an overly dramatic telenovela style" and have English subtitles.

While I'm bummed that the film will feature English subtitles (there goes the Conando connection), I'm curious to see what exactly Ferrell is building here. Telenovelas are ripe for parody and I have this image in my mind's eye of Ferrell surround by fast talking Hispanic actors while he stumbles and stutters to complete a full sentence. It's a shtick that might get old after 10 minutes, but I'm not looking that far ahead.

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