Gates Of The Sun Trailer: Watch Mike Tyson In An Algerian Action Movie

Thanks to his role in the first two Hangover movies, famed boxer Mike Tyson does have some notoriety as a big screen actor - but I don't think anybody could have predicted this for his cinematic future. Below is the first trailer for Gates Of The Sun - touted as Algeria's first action movie - and for whatever reason, Tyson is featured in a supporting role.

This trailer was posted on Mike Tyson's personal YouTube page, and it is most definitely a fascinating and curious bit of work. As you'll notice watching the trailer, the first half of this trailer sets up what looks like a completely legitimate action movie, complete with shady background deals, fighting and maybe even a few crime bosses. But then Mike Tyson's face is quickly flashed on screen, and from just about that point forward the whole thing is basically people shooting and beating the crap out of each other.

Mike Tyson Gates of the Sun

Judging by the trailer, Mike Tyson is definitely the best known name in the movie internationally, but it doesn't appear that he has much more than a tiny supporting role in the film. You will notice, however, that he does get at least one line, and he will be featured in a scene with a bar room brawl:

Mike Tyson Gates of the Sun

Odd as this trailer is, it does firmly prove one thing: John Murphy's "In the House - In a Heartbeat" track from the 28 Days Later... soundtrack can make anything look 10 times more awesome than it already is. This isn't the first time that it's been used in a trailer, and it won't be the last, but I personally have no problem with it popping up again and again. For your listening pleasure, you should hit play on the embed below.

Gates of The Sun - which was previously titled Algeria Forever- is directed by French filmmaker Jean-Marc Mineo and will be getting a release next month in France. At this time it is unclear if it will be making its way to American shores as well.

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