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The truth’s still out there, and we want to believe it will be revealed at some point, but is a third X-Files movie the answer fans of the television series are hoping to hear?

Gillian Anderson’s interested. And from what she told reporters (via THR) at the world premiere of her latest film, Johnny English Reborn, she’s not alone. Anderson, who of course played skeptical FBI agent Dana Scully alongside David Duchovny’s Fox Mulder for nine season and two feature films, said there’s “talk” of a third X-Files movie, and there’s “something going on” regarding a script (though she couldn’t say who was tackling scripting duties). In addition, Anderson expressed interest in mounting an X-Files spoof at some point, possibly after the third feature shoots.

Now, all of this could be (and probably is) wishful thinking. Maybe Anderson sees herself in a Rowan Atkinson comedy like Reborn and thinks, “You know what? Scully wouldn’t be so bad. I could do that again.”

Or maybe there really has been discussion behind the scenes on revisiting the popular sci-fi series, which focused heavily on extraterrestrials and the supernatural. Countless stories still could be told in the X-Files universe, but you’d have to get Duchovny on board, as well as series creator Chris Carter. Are they interested? Would X-Files fans be interested in seeing a third film if they weren’t involved?

There have been two X-Files movies to date. The first, Fight the Future, earned $189 million worldwide and posted a 64% Fresh on Rotten Tomatoes. Ten years later, its sequel received a 31% Fresh grade from critics while nabbing $68.3M worldwide. Those numbers don’t compel 20th Century Fox to get back into the X-Files game, but the right script changes everything.