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One of the more memorable moments, for good or ill, in last month’s Oscar telecast was Chris Rock’s bit where he brought in a troop of Girl Scouts to sell cookies to the assembled celebrities. We saw many of them pulling cash out of their wallets to grab some snacks during the overlong broadcast. Eventually, Chris Rock claimed that the stunt had raised over $65,000 for his daughter’s troop. So where’s all that cash?

According to TMZ, a woman who’s daughter is in Troop 5215, the one which participated in the Academy Award cookie sale, says that the money that was promised has not yet materialized. Apparently, the deal was that the Academy itself had agreed to donate the $65K to the Greater L.A. Council, but as of yet no money has been received, and nobody is commenting about what’s holding things up.

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It certainly appeared that the celebrities in attendance were actually handing over cash to buy boxes of cookies. It’s possible that wasn’t actually the case, and the boxes were simply being handed out, as the Academy had already promised to make a donation to cover the boxes. If cash did change hands, one has to wonder where it went, regardless of what’s going on with the larger donation. What happened to Leo’s five bucks?

Still, it’s likely that this is just a case red tape delaying things, rather than the Academy not following through on their pledge to make the donation. The Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences is a big organization with a lot of moving parts. It’s very possible that the paperwork hasn’t made it to accounts payable yet. Maybe the Oscars only writes checks once a month. If the paperwork missed the deadline it could still be awhile before the money is transferred. It’s only been two weeks, you got to figure the Academy works on a minimum of 30 day terms, right?

Hopefully, this mess will get straightened out and the Girl Scouts of America will get their money. It would be truly unfortunate if this really was just a gimmick and no money makes it to the organization. It is clear, however, that the bulk of the money will go to the larger LA Council. The individual troop that did the work will only see $1000, which is a nice chunk of change, but seems like a small commission for the work they did.

What did you think of the Girl Scout’s Oscar moment? Was it better or worse that the great Academy Awards pizza delivery of 2014?

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