Girls' Alex Karpovsky Steps Into The Spotlight In Supporting Characters Poster & Trailer

Actor Alex Karpovsky has been kicking around the indie movie scene for years within features like the troubling love-triangle tale Lovers of Hate to Lena Dunham's celebrated coming-of-age comedy Tiny Furniture and Mike Birbiglia's adaptation of his lauded stage show Sleepwalk With Me. But last spring Karpovsky scored a new level of exposure playing the opium-sipping, sarcasm-slinging crack spirit guide Ray on Dunham's polarizing HBO series Girls.

Though a supporting player on the challenging sitcom, Karpovsky is the headliner of Daniel Schechter's forthcoming comedy, ironically called Supporting Characters. In this New York City-set tale, Karpovsky plays a film editor who is totally in sync with his dedicated assistant editor (Tarik Lowe of One Life to Live) until a new project and a flirtation with a rising starlet (Arielle Kebbel of The Uninvited) causes friction. Check out its trailer and promo poster below:

In the trailer, you can spot Dunham in a supporting role as well as V/H/S's Sophia Takal as Karpovsky's fiancée and A Guide To Recognizing Your Saints' Melonie Diaz as Lowe's lady. Basically, the film's title not only reflects its focus on contributors to filmmaking who are often overlooked (the editors), but also spotlights its cast made up of frequent supporting players. I had a chance to catch Supporting Characters last year at the 2012 Tribeca Film Festival, and found it an intimate and intriguing look at love and loyalty with engaging performances.

Tribeca Film will be releasing the title On Demand on January 22nd. A theatrical release will follow in select cities on January 25th.

Kristy Puchko

Staff writer at CinemaBlend.