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Glenn Close Will Break Your Heart In First Full Albert Nobbs Trailer

In 19th century Ireland, loyal servant Albert Nobbs tends to the needs of the wealthy guests in Dublin’s upscale Morrison Hotel. We care, as moviegoers, because quiet, subdued Albert is played by five-time Oscar nominee Glenn Close in a heart-wrenchingly vulnerable performance that’s marked by the actress’ unbelievably emotional restraint. Close, who tried for decades behind the scenes getting Nobbs to the big screen, worked the festival circuit this fall on behalf of the winning drama. It will have a limited engagement later this year so Close and her collaborators can qualify for an awards run. In the meantime, a proper trailer has been posted online. We have it below:

The clip suggests the light touch of, say, a Gosford Park, and only hints at the beautiful character work mustered by Close and her co-star, Janet McTeer, as women forced to live as men in order to find work in their cash-strapped country. Director Rodrigo Garcia delivered outstanding television work on such shows as Six Feet Under, Big Love and The Sopranos, and finds surprising pockets of hope and beauty as Albert dreams of living a different life, possibly with the pretty young maid (Mia Wasikowska) who works alongside him. Er, her. Well, see it. Then you’ll understand.

Albert Nobbs eventually goes wide on January 27, 2012.

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