We just can’t get enough of Godzilla. Over the last few months we’ve been completely absorbing every single tiny bit of footage that has arrived online, and it has only served to make us more excited for the upcoming blockbusters, which should prove to be one of the biggest movies of the summer. Even though the movie is now less than a month away from release – set to hit theaters domestically on May 16th – we still can’t get enough of hearing about the movie, which is why we were so thrilled that director Gareth Edwards took part in a special Godzilla panel earlier today at WonderCon.

As part of a morning studio presentation from the folks at Warner Bros. and Legendary Pictures, Edwards sat down in front of a massive crowd gathered inside the Anaheim Convention Center arena and revealed some fascinating new details about just what went into the making of the new Godzilla. He had a great amount to say about the movie and provided some great insight to the production, and I’ve picked out five of the best anecdotes that he had to share. Read on to find out what he had to say!

They Found A Whole New Way To Create Godzilla’s Roar
As Edwards explained, the original Godzilla created the monster’s iconic roar with the use of a double bass, and a leather glove covered in resin (the sound was created rubbing the glove up and down the strings). The team behind the reboot attempted this method for the new movie, but wound up failing and needing to find a new way to try and create the monstrous call.

So what did they do? For now, that’s a very closely guarded secret. According to Edwards, the film’s sound designer created the roar himself, and weirdly enough refused to tell the director his method immediately out of fear that it would ruin the sound for him. Eventually Edwards did find out for himself, and while he wouldn’t share the solution with the WonderCon audience, he did say that it was created with the use of high speed microphones. Hopefully after the movie actually comes out next month the filmmakers will finally reveal the source of the mystery noise.

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