So many marketing campaigns use a variation of the recommendation “See It On The BIGGEST Screen Possible” that when a film actually deserves such an accolade, it can fall on deaf ears. Not only am I telling you that Alfonso Cuaron’s Gravity deserves to be experienced on the largest IMAX screen in your town, I’m also sharing the above clip, which spells out why Cuaron’s use of IMAX will plunge you right into Sandra Bullock’s predicament … and pull you along for an unprecedented ride.

IMAX’s Behind the Frame series has explored similar large-screen movie experiences, from the recent Wizard of Oz conversion to Skyfall and Tom Cruise’s Oblivion (which also earned its IMAX treatment).

I'm slightly torn by this preview. I have been advocating a complete blackout of Gravity commercials, trailers and marketing materials such as this for fans looking forward to the film. It's not that I don’t support the movie, but rather quite the opposite. I think it’s a masterpiece, as I wrote in my review from the Toronto International Film Festival, and as was quoted in this new commercial for Cuaron’s towering achievement. (It goes by fast, but I’m the third quote mentioned.) :

The movie should be unspoiled before you walk into the theater to see it yourself, and yet the IMAX reel is so informative, and such a great companion piece to Cuaron’s movie that I’m suggesting you bookmark this page, then come back and enjoy the clip after you have absorbed all of Gravity on, yes, the biggest screen possible. The movie opens in theaters on October 4th, so you don’t have THAT much longer to wait. For those still in the dark, the film stars Bullock and George Clooney as astronauts working in space who encounter a field of debris… thereby ruining the rest of their afternoon. You really don’t need to know more beyond that. Just buckle in and enjoy one of the year’s most exhilarating theatrical experiences.

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