Leonardo DiCaprio is currently riding yet another wave of critical acclaim, as awards nominations pile up for his performance in Django Unchained and rumors of another Oscar nomination- -and maybe even a win this time-- start getting louder and louder. But once upon a time DiCaprio would have been competing against himself for all that attention, with Baz Luhrmann's The Great Gatsby scheduled to open opposite Django on Christmas Day. Earlier this year Warner Bros. wisely shifted Gatsby's release date to next summer, and today we're getting a new look at the film, featuring DiCaprio gazing fondly into the eyes of Carey Mulligan. Take a look below, and click to see the larger version:

After seeing his unhinged, expectations-shattering performance in Django Unchained, in which he taps into his natural boyishness to create a terrifying kind of tyrant, it's a little odd to see DiCaprio here back in leading man mod. And not just any leading man, but Gatsby, the 20th century equivalent of an American tall tale, the character who stands in for everything every American has ever hoped for and lost and never quite been able to reach. it's a huge role, and one that I have no doubt DiCaprio could nail. But it is an odd transition while we're still processing Django-- maybe it will seem more natural come next summer?

The Great Gatsby is set for release May 10 next year, and DiCaprio is joined by a stellar supporting cast, including Tobey Maguire as the narrator Nick Carraway, Isla Fisher as the philandering Myrtle Wilson, and Zero Dark Thirty co-stars Joel Edgerton and Jason Clarke as Tom Buchanan and George Wilson, respectively.

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