If there's one thing Baz Luhrmann is known for its glamor. The romantic director behind such dazzling romances as William Shakespeare's Romeo + Juliet, Moulin Rouge and Australia set the internet aflame with the sparkly and style-stuffed trailer for his next grandiose tale of love The Great Gatsby. In that marketing maneuver, it was only the poster—which alludes to wealth and the darkness beyond its glittery surface—that was subtle.

With its anachronistic soundtrack, abundance of slo-mo and in-your-face emoting, I personally found the movie's first trailer too much all around. However these new images from WWD are pulling me back into the sway of Gatsby's enchanting world of glitz and deceit.

The first image shows Tobey Maguire as Nick Carraway, an aspiring writer with a twisted interest in the affluent community of West Egg, Long Island, sitting happily alongside Leonardo DiCaprio's eponymous tragic figure, Jay Gatsby, a man as captivating as he is mysterious. Together at a hot spot called The Angry Diamond they appear to be taking in the entertainment, which with Luhrmann's touch is sure to be spectacular (spectacular).

Next another shot of Maguire, this time standing beside Elizabeth Debicki, who plays the sleekly elegant pro golfer Jordan Baker. This is likely a shot from one of Gatsby's party scenes, but what could they be gazing at?

Perhaps this problematic pairing? Here's DiCaprio once more, clutching to Carey Mulligan, playing the only thing the titular man of means really desires, the enigmatic and enchanting Daisy Buchanan. It'd be a lovely picture of old flames reunited…if it weren't for Daisy's furious husband, a role filled by the fire-eyed Joel Edgerton.

The Great Gatsby opens December 25th, 2012. For more on the movie, check out the Blend Film Database.

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