After making two films for HBO that explored the complications and ridiculousness of real-world politics (Recount and this year's Game Change), director Jay Roach is returning to feature films with a different, fictional political slant. In The Campaign Roach directs Will Ferrell and Zach Galifianakis as a pair of North Carolina politicians facing off against each other in a run for Senate. Each is an idiot, of course, with Ferrell playing the kind of slick-haired candidate we associate with John Edwards, and Galifianakis as an out-of-his-depth yokel who… well, I can't think of many famous real-world equivalents, but one of your local elected officials surely fits the bill.

The Campaign opens on August 10, and after a successfully hilarious panel at Comic Con last week, the movie has released a second green-band trailer, which steps over many of the good jokes to mask the profanity, but still includes the sight of Will Ferrell punching a baby, so it's got that going for it.

In the middle of an election year that's probably only going to get uglier, The Campaign seems like the exact kind of comedy we need, and Ferrell's track record with broad summer comedies, from Anchorman to Step Brothers to The Other Guys, is pretty solid. We're looking forward to this one; how about you guys?

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