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Green Lantern Concept Art Reveals What Parallax Could Have Looked Like

Martin Campbell's Green Lantern had a ton of issues. The pacing was utterly bizarre, the story wasn't great, and the CGI was overdone. Another problematic area was the look of the film's central villain, Parallax, which fans rebelled against much in the same way people complained when it was revealed that Galactus was nothing more than a cloud in Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer. You can understand what the filmmakers were going for, but the truth is that the final design ended up not being so great. But what designs were rejected in favor of the one that made its way into the final cut?

Artist Peter Rubin has posted a full gallery of rejected Parallax concept art. According to the site, Rubin was approached in 2008 - when the movie was still in very early stages - and he worked on the movie for four and a half weeks, producing hundreds of ideas. Check out a few of them below and head over to Rubin's official site to see the rest.

I must say that I love this artwork a lot more than what ended up in the film. It's hard to gauge how big these depictions would be on screen (though that first one does seem to have a Lantern flying towards it), but I actually really like the vertical hovering idea. What do you think? Should the film have gone with Rubin's ideas instead of what they did?

Eric Eisenberg
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