The Grey Full Trailer Has More Liam Neeson, More Wolves To Be Punched

Liam Neeson's late-career revival as a grizzled cinematic badass continues unabated, as he prepares to star as a wolf-punching survivalist in Joe Carnahan's The Grey. The initial teaser gave us a sense of Neeson's character and the dire conditions he faced when his plane crashed in the snowy wilds, but it was more about mood and atmosphere than telling us what to expect in the film. Now the newly released official trailer offers us more plot, more snow, more Neeson commands, and hell yes, more wolves. Take a look below.

I realize that the last film Neeson and Carnahan worked on together was the generally disappointing The A-Team, but it's hard to contain my very childish glee over this. The last movie about people surviving in the frozen wilderness I can think of is The Edge, and while it's hard to imagine anything topping the high-stakes drama in which Alec Baldwin and Anthony Hopkins fight off a bear, The Grey may actually pull it off. I don't quite get the continued emphasis on the wife Neeson is dying to come home to see--does he really need more motivations to get out of there than just surviving in the wild?-- but it does allow for that killer shot of her drifting away under the sheets, so I'll allow it. In addition to Neeson the movie stars Dermot Mulroney, Dallas Roberts, James Badge Dale and a bunch of other roughnecks with the will to survive. The movie comes to theaters January 27 next year, almost two years to the day since we were introduced to badass Liam Neeson with Taken. How better to celebrate such a glorious anniversary?

Katey Rich

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend