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Guardians Of The Galaxy: A GIF Review

Marvel expands their movie empire/storytelling universe to welcome in a motley crew of space outlaws who are our last hope against galaxy-wide genocide. Guardians of The Galaxy is taking theaters by storm and inspiring critics to geek out and rejoice.

Eric has revealed his five-star review as well as weighed in on the film's use of 3D. Sean has put a lot of thought into whether or not this Marvel movie is appropriate for kids. And we've given you a venue where you can sound off on this new release with all the spoilers your heart desires. To the mounting fandemonium and discussion of Guardians of The Galaxy, I offer my GIF review, charting the highs and lows of this wild ride.

Warning: Minor spoilers lie ahead.

I didn't know much about this Marvel comic line. By the time my press screening rolled around, the reviews were already out, declaring Guardians of The Galaxy another big fat hit for Marvel. So far I've loved just about everything this franchise has been throwing out there, and anticipated a rousing and fun film. However, with the hype already at a fevered pitch, I was feeling a little dubious. Bring it on, Guardians.


We begin in an earthbound America with little Peter Quill clutching a Walkman and panicked over the prospect of his mother dying of cancer. Hm. At least it's not his dad landing safely from a test pilot flight only to blow up right in front of him. (Looking at you Green Lantern!)


Baby Quill is abducted, cut to nowadays Quill played by a ripped and crazy charismatic Chris Pratt.

Chris Pratt celebrates

As Star-Lord he Hudson Hawks his way through a heist in the ruins of a decimated planet. I rarely talk during a movie, but I turn to my podcast co-host Angie Han to report, "I'd hit that."


She responds without missing a beat, "Get in line!"


The swagger of trenchcoat wearing outlaw Peter Quill is reminding me of a certain other crush-worthy captain.


Ooooo. Lee Pace as a world-crushing extraterrestrial zealot. He's very scary and all, but I can't help but miss my beloved Pie-maker.


Obligatory Stan Lee cameo achieved.

eye roll

We meet Groot and Rocket. They meet Star-Lord and Gamora. Much action, tasering, and slapstick. And there is much rejoicing from a giddy crowd.

much rejoicing

Gamora is the Zuko to Nebula's Azula. I'm down with it.


Marvel has definitely gotten the memo that women are turning out for their movies. As evidence, observe buff Chris Pratt nearly in the buff!


The practical effects makeup is really terrific, and looks even cooler and more detailed in 3D. Like I could reach out and touch Drax's scarring body art…I mean that'd be a terrible plan. But yeah.


Damn. And you thought The Avengers were a dysfunctional group! Still, it works.

avengers pugs

Gamora gives a name to Chris Pratt's sex appeal, and shall henceforth be called "pelvic sorcery."

feeling it

Gamora's eye rolls are my spirit animal.

thumbs up

They cast Karen Gillan for why? Nebula has way too little do in this movie.

amy pond

Groot's big moment seems really familiar….



feeling it 2

excited 8

That's gross

Now more dancing!


All in all, Guardians of the Galaxy is a fast-paced and fun science-fiction adventure that in no way requires you be familiar with its source material. While I was a little irked that its female characters get shunted to the side in favor of the male leads, it's still a hell of a ride that demands to be seen in theaters. There's loads of big flashy action, a soundtrack that infuses the whole narrative with camp, energy and joy, and characters who are almost too weird to live in a summer blockbuster. Simply put, it's inspired, bonkers and awesome.


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