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Guillermo Del Toro is, and always has been, a busy man. With Crimson Peak slated for release next Fall, Pacific Rim 2 preparing for a 2017 release, and various pieces of The Strain's production fitting into the man's busy schedule somehow, Del Toro isn't short on work. Yet a project of his that's gotten little to no radar coverage is his proposed Justice League Dark film for DC Comics. While he's made some comments on being open to using Matt Ryan's Constantine, there hasn't been much other word on the film's status, as well as no slot on the current DC Cinematic Continuum's release calendar.

That could change though, as we've learned from Forbes that not only is the screenplay for the film finished, it has a title and it's in the hands of Warner Bros as of yesterday afternoon. Talk about a happy Thanksgiving to whoever gets to read that beauty over the weekend. As for the film's title (or presumable subtitle, seeing as Justice League Dark will probably be in the title somewhere), Guillermo Del Toro is running with Dark Universe. Sounds awesome, if you ask us.

It was worrisome that Justice League Dark: Dark Universe didn't find its way onto the massive list of projects DC Comics and Warner Bros will be bringing to the screen between now and 2020. After all, this is one of the projects that's had legs as far as press coverage, and with Guillermo Del Toro being so busy, there was a fear that he might have dropped the project. Thankfully, this is a reassuring sign that the project is very much still in demand, it's just been a moderately paced affair.

It's probably a good thing that Guillermo Del Toro's Justice League Dark: Dark Universe isn't on the books just yet, as his dance cart seems booked until at least 2017. With 2020 being the end of the first line up of DC's newly rebooted continuum, it could be a safe assumption that their next wave of projects will include this hotly talked about project. Indeed, it makes sense to wait until Justice League is set up before anyone unleashes the darkness within them, and with the lead time ahead of any sort of official movement on Justice League Dark, there's plenty of time to seed in references leading to the Dark Universe endgame. What's more, if DC Comics plays their cards right, Justice League Dark just might become DC's Guardians Of The Galaxy style hit. Meaning, if Justice League starts pulling some Avengers like prestige to the DC Cinematic Contiuum, Justice League Dark could be the offbeat, wild sibling to its more serious and equally epic predecessor.

Crimson Peak aims to freak audiences out on October 16th, 2015; while Pacific Rim 2 will be up and running on April 7, 2017.

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