Guillermo del Toro May Take Pacific Rim Star Charlie Hunnam To Crimson Peak

Charlie Hunnam is likely going to become a huge movie star once Guillermo Del Toro’s giant-freaking-monsters-versus-giant-freaking-robots blockbuster Pacific Rim hits theaters in July. Then again, Taylor Kitsch probably felt the same way right around this point last year with John Carter on the horizon. But this is a clear sign that Hunnam’s solid in the new blockbuster because Del Toro appears ready to lock his star up for his next film, as well.

The director’s moving quickly to assemble a cast for Crimson Peak, a ghost story that recently attracted Emma Stone’s attentions. Now Variety is reporting that Del Toro’s Pacific Rim lead, Hunnam, is “in negotiations” to co-star alongside the Amazing Spider-Man beauty for a production that wouldn’t begin shooting until February 2014.

We aren’t really sure why Del Toro would have to wait that long to begin production on the horror story, seeing as how his immersive, post-conversion 3D work on Pacific Rim will likely be wrapped up long before the movie’s July release. So he should have the second half of this year to get busy, particularly if he’s lining up a male and female lead. Maybe he has to wait for Stone and Hunnam’s schedules to open up? Stone’s about to dive into Marc Webb’s Spider-Man sequel, but Hunnam has nothing on the docket that we know of.

The trade has no specific details about Del Toro’s Crimson Peak outside of the fact that the director and Lucinda Coxon are rewriting a script that he initially banged out with Matthew Robbins. If you can’t wait for Peak, you can kill time with this weekend’s Mama, which Del Toro produced.

Sean O'Connell
Managing Editor

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