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It has been some time since we've seen Haley Joel Osment. The Sixth Sense star practically went into hiding after 2003's Secondhand Lions, saving us all from watching his awkward stage unfold across the big screen like so many child stars before him. (Thank you, Haley.) Instead, Osment smartly sidestepped the spotlight, went to college, and took to voice acting, making only the occasional film appearance in a couple of movies you've likely never heard of. But now he's back and all grown up in the trailer for writer-director Coley Sohn's debut feature Sassy Pants.

Based on the Sohn's award-winning comedic short "Boutenniere," Sassy Pants centers on the coming-of-age tale of Bethany Pruitt (Awkward star Ashley Rickards), a home-schooled teen who is desperately seeking freedom from the overbearing parenting of her sweet but smothering single-mom (Breaking Bad's Anna Gunn). So, she runs off to live with her absentee dad (top-notch comic actor Diedrich Bader), and becomes fast friends with his much-younger boyfriend (a Daisy Dukes-wearing Haley Joel Osment). Now free from the overwhelming influence of her mom, Bethany finally has the chance to explore who she is and who she dreams to be. Trailer courtesy of Coming Soon.

Sassy Pants will make its World Premiere January 28th at the Santa Barbara International Film Festival. For more screening info, consult their website.

As to what lies ahead for Osment, he is slated to star in the soon-to-shoot thriller Wake the Dead. The film, based on Steve Niles graphic novel of the same name, re-imagines the tale of Frankenstein in a contemporary setting. Osment has signed on to lead the flick as Victor Franklin, a college student who strives to conquer death. No release date has yet been set for Wake the Dead, though it is currently slated for 2012.